Design Build – We work with a couple of local architects to take your conceptual ideas and turn them into a working plan for the construction of your project. With a design build program, the builder and the architect work together to develop a plan to accomplish your goals. The architect develops the clients’ ideas into a plan and the builder has the ability to check to see whether the plan can be accomplished within the clients’ budget throughout the process. This process insures that the final design is within the clients’ budget.

Whole Home Construction – We have the resources to complete a project from excavation to the final nail. Flemington Construction builds quality homes and structures in Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan. We have built in the sand dunes by the beach, in the rolling wooded hills and in the grassy prairie. Our focus is on accomplishing  our clients’ goals and meeting their quality expectations. From playhouses to pool houses to custom designed homes, we never compromise on the integrity of the structure. We believe that if it is worth building, it is worth building to last. We can use your plans or we have the capability to help you design your project.

Remodeling – In a lot of cases, working with a clients existing structure is the best way to improve their habitat. Whether it is an addition, a simple bathroom remodel or a complete overhaul, we can help make your vision a reality. We have raised roofs, added 2nd  stories, removed walls to open up spaces, added porches and decks and fireplaces and completely gutted houses and started over. If it’s a challenge, we love it. Some things are difficult but very little is impossible.

Outdoor Living – Creating unique outdoor living spaces for our clients’ is always fun. Decks, patios and screened porches add to the enjoyment of your living space. Each site and each client’s needs are different. We strive to create an outdoor living space that is perfect for you. We recently added a second story deck to an existing house that gave them a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.


Energy Conservation – Energy conservation can be accomplished in many ways to minimize your energy bill. Windows, doors, HVAC systems, insulation and fixtures need to be evaluated based on location, existing structure and long term goals.  We will work with you to find the best solutions to meet your goals.

SIPs Construction – One of the most effective means of conserving energy for new construction. These panels create an air tight envelope for your house.  A SIPs house typically uses 50% less energy than a typical stick framed house.  We are one of a very few builders in the area experienced in SIPs construction.

Salvaged Materials – We have had the opportunity and look for opportunities to use reclaimed materials for esthetics, practicality, or to reduce carbon footprint.

Locally Sourced Materials – Most of our materials are sourced within a 500 mile radius.  Most of the lumber we use comes from sustainable forests.

Waste Minimization – We have found that 85% of the building waste is recyclable or re-purposed at no additional expense.

Custom Concrete Counter Tops – The wide range of finishes and the flexibility of concrete make this a great option for many clients.

Radiant Floor Heating – Radiant floor heating is the most energy efficient and comfortable method to heat a house.

Timber framing – A beautiful and time tested method of building.

Building in beach communities – Building in the dunes presents unique challenges.  Typical building techniques are frequently not sufficient to meet the

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