Green Building

Sustainable building involves a lot of common sense principles. Building an economically feasible energy efficient structure means that clients’ energy savings exceed the costs. In this area, building an airtight structure with some passive solar advantages can reduce heating and A/C costs by over 50%. The payback on the initial investment is 3-5 years.Buying locally helps the economy in our immediate neighborhood. We have found that we can purchase most of the materials we need from within a 500 mile radius. That includes lumber from sustainable forests, windows, drywall, flooring, cabinets and many more items. A large percentage of the cost of materials can be purchased locally.

We have found that with new construction we can recycle over 90% of our waste. Plastic, cardboard, metals and even drywall scraps are recycled. Scrap lumber is used to heat houses that have wood burning heating systems. Scrap bricks, blocks and concrete are crushed and used for road beds. With a little extra effort we can avoid sending scrap to the landfill. We are willing to invest time and energy into making your project the most environmentally friendly structure it can possibly be. See our services page for more details.